The XXI Scientific Convention will take place at the Congress Center in Riva del Garda from Monday 13 March (2.00 pm) to Wednesday 15 March 2023 (2.00 pm).

For general information, please contact [email protected].

Event registration

Researchers can register through this link. Upon registration, attendees will receive a confirmation email and the instructions for hotel and transfer booking, later on. Details about travels planning and payment are described in the dedicated document "Procedura trasferta Convention Telethon 2023".

Fondazione Telethon and the Scientific Board would like to thank all the researchers who submitted an abstract for the oral presentation selection. The Board evaluated more than 100 abstracts and explored the most recent publications to design a topical scientific program of broad interest.



The DEADLINE for registration and poster abstract submission is February 13th, 2023.

Note: One abstract for each project is expected. For your convenience, each PI received an email with the list of their projects for which an abstract is expected (for multi-centre projects only one abstract, submitted by the coordinator).

Poster session

The poster sessions offer the best opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with fellow researchers who have a direct interest in your research. During these sessions the researchers can talk directly to each other and hold extensive discussions.

For on-going projects, abstracts (both in English and in Italian) are required even if you cannot participate in the Convention. These abstracts are the most up-to-date information Telethon has on your project; and will be published both in the Convention Abstract Book but also on the Telethon website “Projects Funded” pages and database.

Poster Presentation

  • Three poster sessions will be scheduled. The time slots for poster presentation for each author will be available.
  • Members of the patients’ associations may view posters presenting topics within their area of interest and would be glad to interact the relative leading scientists.
  • Poster prize award: prizes will be awarded to the three best posters


  • The size of poster boards is 100 cm (width) x 250 cm (height)
  • The text and contents must be in English; please include an informative summary of the research aimed for the lay public in Italian

Convention Scientific Board

The Scientific Board of the XXI Telethon Convention is composed as follows:

Past editions

  1. 2019 - Programme (pdf 858 kb) - book of abstract IT-EN (pdf 3 MB)
  2. 2017 - Programme (pdf 457 kb) - book of abstract IT-EN (pdf 1 MB)
  3. 2015 - Programme (pdf 65 kb) - poster prize (pdf 147 kb) - book of abstract IT-EN
  4. 2013 - Programme (pdf 65 kb) - poster prize (pdf 147 kb) - book of abstract IT-EN

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