Business Development Office

In line with its ultimate goal to make therapies available to all patients in need, Fondazione Telethon pursues cooperation strategies to merge competencies with private companies in order to achieve full therapeutic development of the results obtained by its research.

The final goal: make our results available to all patients

In order to achieve this goal the Business Development Office supports Telethon research with its competencies:
1. Intellectual Property: protection and management of intellectual property rights.
2. Marketing: increase Fondazione Telethon’s visibility to for-profit players in the field (including pharma and biotech companies as well as venture capital firms) and active advertising of the most advanced projects.
3. Partnerships: Negotiation of agreements with for-profit players in the field.
4. Alliance Management: facilitate active academia-industry collaborations ensuring the appropriate and timely progression of the strategic Industrial Alliances.
5. Regulatory Affairs: support in the definition of the regulatory strategy for project development through registration. Specific expertise in the field of orphan drugs and pediatric indications.

In supporting the most advanced research projects, the Business Development Office works closely with Clinical Development and Operations.

What we do

  • Intramural research: Fondazione Telethon owns the IP on the results and is therefore responsible for the translation and development of the projects arising from SR-Tiget, Tigem and Dulbecco Telethon Institute.
  • Extramural research: Fondazione Telethon does not claim any IP rights on the results and acts as a facilitator in the translation and development of extramural research.

We are actively seeking partners interested in


We are actively seeking partners for the development of therapeutic approaches arising from our research projects on rare and genetic diseases.


We are actively seeking partners interested in research tools for drug discovery.


We are actively seeking collaborations to build on our unique competencies in the field of rare and genetic diseases.

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