Telethon researchers can’t promise miracles. However, they’re gradually moving in the direction of finding cures for genetic diseases.

Over a period of two decades, Telethon has funded more than 2200 research projects, and the work of more than 1400 researchers. If a patient was born with a genetic disease, the story mustn’t end there! Your donation will go to the best research projects. Let’s write that word ‘curable’ next to the names of all genetic diseases!

Just like home Program

Every year patients from all around the world come to the San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene therapy (SR-TIGET) in Milan. Till this day, patients coming from more than 30 different countries have been treated with this innovative and life-saving treatment. For people affected by ADA-SCID, Metachromatic leukodystrophy, Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome, Beta Thalassemia and Mucopolysaccharidosis type I, the full course of the treatment may last some months. Some road-blocks may prevent the therapy. The “Just like home” program aims at facilitating access to the therapies available at the SR-TIGET, in order to remove any road-block leading to the gene therapy treatments: i.e. economic, logistic, emotional, cultural, legal difficulties.


Telethon Friends Network

There are more than 190 Fondazione Telethon "Friends Associations": it is a network of organisations of people with rare diseases founded on the will of patients and their family members who collaborate with the Telethon since its birth to advance the research towards the cure of genetic diseases. Any patient organisation may request to become part of this network, benefiting from any sponsorship of associative events, research consultancy, biobanks, or visibility on Telethon’s Online Calendar.

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