The Scientific and Medical Committee

Made up of 30 world-renowned scientists, the committee must ensure that Telethon funds are assigned to the most promising projects among those responding to our competition announcements. It must also monitor the work of these institutes.

Our scientific committee places excellence at the heart of every evaluation; this is the principle which our committee members’ choice of worthy projects to fund is based on, yet never forgetting that the same projects must be relevant to the patients and contribute towards finding a cure. Our scientific committee members are from all over the world and remain in office for four years. Only a few Italians are among these, so as to avoid conflicts of interest.

The members of the Scientific and Medical Committee

The Scientific and Medical Committee has 30 members from 7 countries.


Joel Gottesfeld - The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA - USA)


Ora Weisz - University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA - USA)


William Balch - The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA - USA)
Judith CampisiBuck Institute for Research on Aging (Novato, CA – USA)
Marie-François ChesseletDavid Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA (Los Angeles, CA – USA)
Jeffrey Dilworth - Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Ottawa - Canada)
James Ellis - The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto - Canada)
Markus GlatzelUniversity Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, UKE (Hamburg – Germany)
Raoul Hennekam - University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam - The Netherlands)
Nicholas Katsanis - Duke University (Durham, NC - USA)
Dimitri KraincChicago Northwestern University (Chicago – USA)
Holger Lerche - University of Tübingen (Tübingen - Germany)
Jennifer Morgan - University City London (London - UK)
Geert Mortier - Antwerp University Hospital (Antwerp - Belgium)
Nael Nadif KasirRadboud University Nijmegen (Nijmegen – The Netherlands)
Jodi Nunnari - University of California Davis (Davis, CA - USA)
Frances Platt - University of Oxford (Oxford - UK)
Ambra Pozzi - Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN - USA)
Laura Ranum - University of Florida (Gainesville, FL - USA)
Bernardo Sabatini - Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA - USA)
Nicholas J Schork - J. Craig Venter Institute (La Jolla, CA - USA)
Christopher Spurney - Research Center for Genetic Medicine, NIH (Washington, DC - USA)
Mark Sussman - San Diego State University (San Diego, CA - USA)
Naomi Taylor - Institute of Molecular Genetics of Montpellier (Montpellier - France)
Robert Taylor - Newcastle University (Newcastle - UK)
Jakub Tolar - University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN - USA)
Raul Urrutia - Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN - USA)
Charles Venditti National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH (Bethesda – USA)
Dominic Wells - The Royal Veterinary College (London - UK)
Steven Wilson - University City London (London - UK)