Telethon institute of genetics and medicine

Excellence comes home to Pozzuoli!

The centre, directed by Andrea Ballabio, is one of Italy’s top research institutes. Occupying the premises of a former factory since 2013 – in what was once a plant run by the historic Olivetti company – the centre has become a pole of attraction capable of drawing scientists from all over the world to southern Italy.


  • The institute was founded in 1994, and, since December 2013, has operated out of Pozzuoli (in the province of Naples) in a former Olivetti factory. The structure, occupying more than 4,500 square metres, was converted and renovated thanks to investments benefitting from European Union funding.
  • Tigem deploys 16 research groups working under the supervision of Andrea Ballabio. Its employees number 184, mainly made up of scientific staff members (more than 160).
  • Over the last tax year, Tigem used funds totalling some 11.8 million euros. Over the years, Telethon has provided 56 million euros to this institute and has thus ensured both its establishment and development.
  • The excellence of Tigem’s research activities is also reflected in the institute’s ability to attract investments from many international players (e.g. the European Union, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the European molecular biology organization, Embo, the Wellcome Trust and the European Research Council).

Tigem’s mission is understanding the mechanisms underlying genetic diseases, thus enabling development of preventive and therapeutic strategies. The research follows up three strategic programmes: cell biology of genetic diseases, systems biology and functional genomics, and molecular therapy.

Tigem, scientific research of excellence in Pozzuoli

We needed an institute in which researchers could study the mechanisms underlying genetic diseases on an ongoing basis and develop innovative therapeutic strategies. The institute, founded in 1994, now occupies brand new premises in Pozzuoli (in the province of Naples). Headed by Professor Andrea Ballabio, it host scientists from all over the world.