We founded two institutes in Italy to ensure continuity for our biomedical research into rare genetic diseases (these institutes are renowned worldwide). We also started up a careers programme that invests in talent and fosters exchanges among young professionals and researchers with promise.

SR-Tiget, in Milan, is a world leader for gene therapy

The therapy developed at SR-Tiget against ADA-SCID (a rare primitive immunodeficiency condition) is one of the world’s first instances of efficacious gene therapy. This result was made possible thanks to the far-sightedness of our organisation, which immediately expressed its belief in the benefits of gene therapy.

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Tigem, scientific research of excellence in Pozzuoli

We needed an institute in which researchers could study the mechanisms underlying genetic diseases on an ongoing basis and develop innovative therapeutic strategies. The institute, founded in 1994, now occupies brand new premises in Pozzuoli (in the province of Naples). Headed by Professor Andrea Ballabio, it host scientists from all over the world.

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DTI, the Telethon careers programme

There are worthy young researchers out there who seek an independent career. We foster their talents by means of our careers programme, instituted with the support of the Nobel laureate, Renato Dulbecco.