Excellence, rigour and merit, to provide patients with answers.

More than 1,500 researchers selected. More than 2,450 projects funded. More than 470 diseases studied, backed by 450 million euros in investments. More than 10,100 scientific articles by Telethon researchers published in the major international reviews (with a very high average number of quotes per article).

We guarantee that your generosity will not be wasted.

The method we adopt when selecting projects and funding research focusses on rewarding merit, and rewarding real ways toward cures.


  • Stage I: research competition announcement published;
  • Stage II: assessment of projects by the members of the Scientific Committee;
  • Stage III: plenary discussion and ranking the projects;
  • Stage IV: approval of funding by the Board of Directors;
  • Stage V: project start-up and submission of comments in writing by the applicants.

To ensure that the funding is invested optimally, we adopt the project assessment method that has been adopted by the main agencies engaging in research-funding worldwide, including the peer review method (in order to minimize error margins and subjectivity in all our evaluations).

How do we assign funds?

Every year, about 30 internationally renowned scientists are called upon to assess and select the best projects. Their opinions as regards our method of selecting projects.

Read on the Scientific Medical Committee

Telethon has instituted and financed three bodies of excellence for the study of rare genetic diseases − SR-Tiget in Milan, Tigem in Pozzuoli, and the Dulbecco Telethon Institute careers programme.