Open Access Policy

Fondazione Telethon Policy on Open Access, effective as of 01/09/2017

Fondazione Telethon promotes free access to funded research results, in line with the goals of its mission and as a contribution to the community. Thus, Fondazione Telethon requires that all the research results published in a peer-reviewed journal, wholly or partly supported by Telethon funding, are made publicly available as soon as possible.

In particular, Fondazione Telethon has chosen Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC), an European version of the Open Access database for biomedical scientific publications (PMC), as the archive of scientific publications funded through Telethon grants.

Based on the different choices offered by every journal, Fondazione Telethon has identified the following topics:

1. Publication on a Journal authorizing the free submission to PubMed Central and Europe PMC within six months from the official publication date (the embargo period should be less than or equal to 6 months):
Fondazione Telethon requires that the Authors prepare a PMC electronic deposit of the article (final version of the accepted manuscript, completed revision) as soon as possible or at least within six months from the official publication date.
       The Author has to verify if:
       1.1 The journal as a standard practice includes the Free Of Charge deposition of the article in PMC.
       1.2 The journal performs, free of charge, the filing of the item in PMC upon explicit request by the Authors. In this case, the author must choose the appropriate option when submitting the article.
       1.3 The author must self-archive in Europe PMC. In this case, he/she performs archiving by acceding the Europe PMC Plus site (, using his/her account (for help, write to [email protected]).
       Copy right: Fondazione Telethon asks authors and publishers to allow articles to be copied and reused, provided the authors are properly quoted (for example, under Creative Commons CC-BY, CC-BY-NC or CC licenses -BY-ND).

2 Publication on a journal that DOES NOT allow free deposit within PMC within six months from the date of publication.
       2.1 If the journal offers the paid Open Access option, Fondazione Telethon recommends that Authors choose this option, resulting in the Publisher's immediate deposit in Europe PMC for articles that:

       - are accepted for publication in an English-language journal and subject to peer-review
       - present original research articles funded through Telethon’s grant
       - have the first- or last- or corresponding-author as the researcher in charge of the Telethon’s grant (or who is a member of its team involved in the project)

       Authors can choose to use part of their active grant to cover OA expenses by sending an email to: [email protected]
       Fondazione Telethon asks researchers to share these costs when possible with the other funding agencies mentioned in the publication
       Copy right: Fondazione Telethon asks Authors and Publishers to allow the article to be covered by the Creative Commons CC-BY license.
       2.2 If the Author CANNOT support the payment of OA fee, however, at the submission stage of the article it is still necessary to choose the option that involves the shorter embargo. In this regard, it is recommended to consider alternative journals during the submission of the manuscript.

Fondazione Telethon believes that funded researchers are responsible for compliance with the policy: it is up to them to ensure that any publication and intellectual property agreement is compatible with the publication requirements in Europe PMC.

More operational details are available in the Guidelines for Authors.