Fondazione Telethon is a non-profit organisation recognised by the “Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca Scientifica and Tecnologica” (ministry of the university and scientific and technological research). Fondazione Telethon was founded in 1990 as a response to the appeals of persons with rare diseases. Since its inception, we have always listened to patients, to provide the answers they need. Every day. Year in, year out.

  • We manage fund raising activities and guarantee the resources required by our research projects. These projects are subjected to rigorous assessments on the part of an independent, international “Commissione medico scientifica” (scientific and medical committee).
  • We manage our institutes (Tigem, HSR-Tiget, DTI) without intermediaries.
  • We provide a service consisting in direct management of the research funds assigned to external bodies (universities, healthcare provision facilities linked to academic bodies, hospitals, and other research institutes).

Our Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are Luca di Montezemolo (chairman), Omero Toso (deputy chairman), Francesca Pasinelli (director general), Alberto Fontana, Luca Garavoglia, Fabio Gallia, Giovanni Manfredi, Carlo Pontecorvo and Isabella Seràgnoli. Four counselling bodies and three research institutes report to the Board of Directors.

Scientific and Medical Committee

The Scientific and Medical Committee adopts the peer-review procedure. Before plenary discussion, each project proposed is assessed by three committee members and at least two external monitoring officers who are selected internationally. Thanks to this process, we can be sure that only the best projects are chosen.

“Consiglio di indirizzo scientifico” (science policy council)

The task of the “Consiglio di Indirizzo scientifico” is to back up the overall policy and management decisions of the Board of Directors within the ambit of biomedical research. The council is made up of Stefano Bertuzzi, Michael Caplan, Lana Skirboll, Francesco Muntoni, Robertson Parkman, Thomas Rando and Michele Solimena.

Other bodies

The Board of Auditors monitors activities to ensure compliance with the law and with the articles of association, and conformity with the principles of correct administration and appropriate organisation of managerial and accounting activities. The External Auditor supervises the accounts and accounting practices, and makes sure the annual report has been drawn up in accordance with current regulations.